On the March

Lara and I conceived a book that would provide projects for three different areas of life where we can show our support for the cause: on the march, on the town and at home. Over the next three posts I'll give you a sneak peek of each of these areas and the first three giveaway opportunities will be at the end of each post. 

Today we talk about On the March. Protesting is exhausting work. It requires dealing with all manner of weather conditions, large crowds (sometimes unfriendly ones), and security personnel. This section of the book has great projects to improve your march experience. From clear tote bags, to bandanas, we've got you covered. 

Mobility Ankle Pocket

Mobility Ankle Pocket

Lara designed this awesome ankle pocket to cash, an ID, etc. safe and secure while you are on the march. And it would work great in any situation where you need to stash something safely while out and about. 

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