My first book!

In March a publisher approached me and asked if I was interested in writing a book called Crafting the Resistance. It would include 35 projects for the resistance movement. I loved the idea but didn't know if I could hack it. The deadline was one month away! But the AMAZING Lara Neel  jumped on board and I KNEW we could do it! 

In one month, the two of us dreamed up, designed, sewed, knit, felted, crocheted, and generally busted our collective butts to write this book. We have some other wonderful contributors as well: Donna Druchunas and Heidi Harris of West County Fiber Arts. We are proud of it and we think you'll love it too. 

It comes out at the end of August but you can pre-order now through Amazon.

Stay tuned to this space to get a number or design previews from the book as well as a book giveaway! I'll be giving away five copies of the book so keep an eye out for each drawing.

For now, here's a photo preview of one of the many awesome designs inside!

In Action

Resistance Ornaments, designed by Donna Druchunas