What International Travel Taught Me

I've been fortunate enough to travel internationally a few times in my life. In the 1990s I worked in Belize, Central America as an archaeologist and was able to visit parts of Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala while I was there. 

In 2005 I traveled to Italy with my husband and family. I trip I hope to do again someday because at the time I was pregnant with my first child and a pretty big disaster. 

This summer my husband and I were thrilled to take our two boys to the UK. My mother in law lives outside London so we visited with her a few days and then traveled to Scotland for the bulk of the trip, including a few days in the magical land of Orkney. 

As I've written before, I suffer from Lyme Disease. One of the worst things about this disease is that over time, just like any chronic illness, it makes you avoid living. I had become afraid to go anywhere, make any plans, because what would happen if I got a migraine or had some other set of symptoms come crashing down on me. This has happened enough times to make that fear legitimate. So heading into our UK trip I was a bit nervous. And indeed I had plenty of tough days while we were over there. But in my desire to not want to miss out, I took care of myself and then got back out there as soon as I could. And you know what? Some of the worst that could happen did happen. And I still survived. 

I find now that I'm excited to plan new trips. I'm not nearly as fearful of going out, if I get sick, I get sick and it will SUCK but we will deal with it. The trip to the UK, and honestly, trips to my other destinations, helped reaffirm my strength and that sense of adventure that I had lost. 

I'm ever so grateful for my experiences this summer and I know that someday, I'll be able to return and not have any bad days because I will actually be cured of this disease. That is a very exciting prospect.