Favorite Knitting Reads #4

This book is just plain fun. It's Knitting Ephemera by Carol J. Sulcoski. 

As it says on the cover page, this book is full of articles, snippets, fun facts, etc. about knitting. For example, although there are patron saints for just about everything under the sun, there is no patron saint of knitting! 

Did you know that the Scottish queen of the fairies, was said to steal the unfinished spinning and knitting projects of women at Yule (modern day Christmas)? Or that there is a whole selection of sports team names that are associated with fiber such as: The St. Louis Rams, The Boston Red Sox, The Dizzy Llamas, and the Blue Mountain State College Goats?

Within these pages you can amuse and delight yourself with all things knitting; historical, mythical, practical and cultural. 

It's a great little book, a quick read and perfect for the coffee table.