Favorite Knitting Reads #3

While not technically a knitting book, this is definitely fiber related. In fact, it's all about how fiber becomes yarn with which to knit. 

Respect the Spindle by Abby Franquemont, is one of the first fiber related books I ever bought. I learned how to spin on a spindle about a year before I learned how to knit. This book was such a beautiful teacher for me. 

The author learned to spin at the age of five in the Peruvian highland town of Chinchero and offers such wonderful imagery about her experiences growing up spinning. 

While this book has plenty of technique for you, there is also so much more information presented in a very fun to read almost literary format. Learn all about the history of spindles and the science behind them as well as the birth of the wheel all while the author helps you decide which spindle is right for you. 

Learn the basic techniques of spinning on both drop and supported spindles, trouble shooting and even plying, again with beautiful photos and written word imagery to guide you through. Spin a few skeins of your own yarn, then try it out on one of the projects included. 

I return to this book time and again for refreshers as well as inspiration. 

Do you spin? Have you read this book?