Favorite Knitting Reads #2

Today's book one is an example of my favorite kind of knitting books; it combines history and culture, with knitting! It's Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions by Donna Druchunas and June L. Hall. 

There is so much to love about this book. It speaks to my anthropologist side in teaching me all about Lithuania, its people and history. Another chapter is devoted to the sheep and the fleece to wool process in Lithuania. Then we are treated to a tour through many villages looking at knitters and their folk art in each of the locales. You can see not only the similarities across the culture, but also the things that act almost as dialects of knitting in each region. 

The book concludes with knitting techniques specific to Lithuania as well as 27 beautiful designs for mittens, gloves, socks and wrist warmers. 

From a technical perspective, I can't wait to try some of these patterns. From a student of history perspective, I have thoroughly enjoyed the rich history presented here. 

You can learn more about this book and all of Donna's classes and books over at her website, https://sheeptoshawl.com/

Do you have a favorite knitting book you'd like to share?