On Spirits, Ghosts and Things That Go Bump In the Night

My 9 year old son has been having a lot of bad dreams lately. This morning he told me that he actually hasn't been having bad dreams but he keeps getting woken up and seeing shadow figures near his bed or in the hallway. 

This is not the first time he's seen things in this house. When he was three years old he came into the bathroom one morning while I was putting on my makeup. He stood behind me and asked, "Mommy? Who's that?" 

"Who are you talking about Aidan?" I replied.

"The lady in the mirror next to you." he said without fear.

My heart skipped a beat and I kept a calm face and asked him, "What does she look like?"

"She's kinda old and not smiling." then he skipped out of the bathroom.

I was a bit freaked out but not surprised. Since we'd moved in three years earlier, when Aidan was just two months old, plenty of unexplainable things had happened. I would hear someone walking around in the crawlspace above the living room during the day. Doors would close by themselves. The faucet in the upstairs tiny bathroom would come on ALL THE TIME by itself. One night, my husband and I were reading in bed and we heard the faucet come on. I got up and turned it off and twisted it tightly.  I got back in bed an not a minute later, the water came on again. We both looked at each other, a little freaked out. 

My brother in law lived with us for a time in the room off the garage and said he felt like there was someone in there with him. This room was built originally to house the old lady who'd lived here and raised her children here. According to our neighbors, she'd gotten quite ill and her sons moved her into this room so she didn't have to come down the stairs anymore and they put in a little half bath next to it. My neighbor said she didn't think the lady actually died in the house but after she did pass the sons didn't want the house and it sat empty for a year before my landlords purchased it and we moved in.

After the first few years, the activity abated and it's been quiet for some time. The kids have always been scared to be upstairs alone, day or night, and especially in the bathrooms. It's interesting that Aidan has been seeing shadow figures because the other night I woke up feeling like there was someone standing next to my side of the bed. I didn't see anything but I definitely felt it.

Aidan comes by this honestly. I have seen spirits/ghosts since I was a small child. My sister has had precognitive dreams. And I was raised to trust my experiences and instincts. I feel very grateful that Aidan felt totally fine telling me what he saw, He didn't worry I was not going to believe him. He told me in the hopes I could help him.

So I told him all about the veil thinning this time of year. I told him that most of the time these things we see mean us no harm. Aidan believes they are trying to communicate. He feels less scared now after our talk. I told him I would tell whoever is in the house that they can stay but they cannot show themselves to my sons. I also told Aidan that what he has is a gift and although he might be scared, it is a pretty cool thing to see the other side.

I think having paranormal experiences is a lot more accepted in our society thanks to shows like Ghost Hunters. A Harris Poll in 2013 found that 42% of Americans believed in ghosts.

Have you ever had a paranormal experience? Do you live in a haunted house? If you feel inclined, share your story and I'll share it with my son. It helps him to know he's not the only one experiencing these things.

Happy Halloween!