Minecraft for knitters

The other night I was reading to my children at bedtime. We are in the middle of a Minecraft novel. This has been their favorite game for nearly three years. For two years running I've made Halloween costumes for them in the Minecraft theme. There have been two birthday parties with the Minecraft theme. It's something they really love. It's a building game, an open ended world of possibilities. There are many monsters and features on the landscape, items and characters. 

Somehow as I was reading I went on auto-pilot. I still read every word but my brain was elsewhere. I'd  been struggling with a sock design for my book and was still turning it over in my mind when suddenly, a whole new set of designs thrust themselves forward. I stopped mid-sentence and told the boys all about it. Minecraft themed knitted items. They were instantly excited, not really a great thing when you are trying to settle them for bedtime but anyhoo... We batted around a ton of ideas. Now let it be said this is not a radical idea. There are loads of Minecraft themed knitted items on Etsy and elsewhere. I looked them up. But the ideas the boys and I came up with are really interesting. Not just your average hat and scarf kind of thing. I'm really excited to start working on these designs. I just have to remind myself that my priority is actually the book and the designs that go in THAT first. 

So stay tuned, if you or someone you know is a Minecraft fan, I'm going to have some fun patterns to offer up soon!