Wooly Goodness

This past weekend my husband and I cleaned out the garage. And I mean CLEANED OUT. We took everything off every shelf. Pulled out all the shelves, vacuumed, swept, wiped down the shelves and put them back. Sorted through all the boxes of stuff and made piles for donation and trash then reloaded the shelves. The place looks amazing and for the first time in probably 8 years it's spider free :)

But I had the chance to go through my wool stash. I have multiple shrink sealed bags of beautiful unwashed, unprocessed wool. I'd made the purchases well over a year plus ago and have been intending to wash and spin it all but of course time got the better of me and it hasn't happened. The good news is there are no moths because the fiber is all in vacuum sealed bags. So it's still in great shape. There are two whole fleeces, one Rambouillet and one Navajo-Churro. Then there are many bags of lovely long locks, some super springy and curly and some more mellow. The colors are beautiful, even in their dirty state. I can't wait to see what they will look like all cleaned up.

So my next step, and this is what's been preventing me from washing all this wool, is to build a good drying screen. I do not currently have a screen big enough to handle even a moderate amount of wool. I have an easy mental image of the light weight screen I'm going to build. Just need to figure out dimensions and go get the materials. Reminds me of building screens for sifting when I was an archaeologist. Only these screens need not hold a lot of weight or be shaken back and forth. 

Do you process your own spinning fibers? If so, what's your method of choice? How do you dry your fibers after they are washed?