Light of Peace: A Meditation

My heart, like many others, has been heavy as of late. The violence humans are perpetrating on each other and other sentient beings has made me soul sick. This morning I decided I had to do something to both protect myself and spread a little bit of healing. So I sat. The meditation which follows here came into me organically. I did not create it, it manifested. I invite you to practice this meditation today. See what it does for you. 

Light Of Peace Meditation

Sit comfortably. For you that may be cross legged on the floor, or on a cushion, or it may mean sitting in a chair. However you choose to be, find a position in which your spine is long and open and you can imagine energy flowing throughout your body, no knots or kinks to block it's path.

Close your eyes and inhale deeply. Exhale deeply. Take as many deep cleansing breaths as you feel called to.

When you are settled, turn your palms up. Begin to feel and see in your mind's eye, white light coming into your body through your upturned palms. This light may come from straight above. It may come in like fog from all around you. It may rise up from the earth and settle into your palms. It will be unique and organic for you. 

Let that light fill every cell in your body. Begin letting it radiate up your forearms, your upper arms, your shoulders. Let it fill your neck and shoulders. Let it rise up into your head. Feel the light push down into your abdomen, filling your lungs and organs. Feel it seep into your pelvis and down your legs. Feel it swirl around inside your joints and out your toes. 

Let this light chase away all dark spots inside of you. It may take time so be patient. You need not rush this. If you feel any dark spots return or try to hide, send the light there. 

When your body is filled completely with this white light, feel the peace and positive, joyful energy thrumming through you. Let that sit within you. Feel it. Remember it. Hold it.

When you are ready, imagine your crown chakra slowly opening. The 1000 petal lotus gently opens at the top of your head. When it is open, allow some of your light to radiate outward. You are still collecting light through your hands and your body is still filled with light. As this new shared light pours out of you, you are not emptying yourself, you are simply sharing the bounty.

Imagine that light reaching all the people you love. Imagine that light reaching and filling them to the top. Imagine that light reaching all the people you feel estranged from. Imagine that light filling them with peace. Imagine that light reaching someone who is about to make a dangerous choice, a choice that could hurt others. See the light filling that person. See truth and realization on their face. See them change their path. See them embrace joy instead of violence. 

Let your healing light of peace fall on every animal, every sentient being. Send them love and joy. Imagine the light covering the earth as a soft blanket of snow, creating a bubble of peace.

When you are ready, slowly close your crown chakra. Continue to fill your body with light and make sure there are no dark spots which have grown within you. Chase them away. When you are ready, close your palms and bring them together in prayer at your heart center. Take a few deep breaths here. Keep the light inside of you. Keep a little ball of light in your palms and place them over your heart, one hand on top of the other. Imagine that ball of light moving into your heart to make an even brighter place. 

Open your eyes. Try to keep this light within you. Refill it when you need to. Share it when you need to. 

Imagine if we all did this every day. What change might we affect? The power of prayer directed to those who do not know they are being prayed for is well documented. What might we do for ourselves, those we love and those who really need peace if we practice this?