Thoughts on Year End Planning

Well, my class The Eternal Thread has wrapped up for the fall. I hope everyone enjoyed it. I know I did. I learned more and added more into the class and that in the end will improve the book. I've been designing and test knitting for the book for months. It's all a new thing for me. It's challenging and it's nice to be challenged. 

We are moving into winter, the season of sleep and dormancy. I however, have always been revitalized by fall and winter. I seem to be at my most productive at that time. So I'm taking advantage of it this year. I'm working with my mentor Donna Druchunas in her year end course. We are building a path to our goals for 2016. I love this type of planning. It sets me up for success and doing it now, means I can move through the holidays knowing I'm going to emerge on the other side with a plan in place. 

One of the discussions that always comes up around year end planning is what methods people use to record their plans. We live in a digital world and most of us use something in that plane to track our lives and projects. There's Evernote and other software like it. I've tried it but honestly it's just too much effort and work. I tend to work best with pen and paper. Where my husband likes to make grocery lists in an app, I would rather just jot the items down on a piece of scratch paper. We do share a google calendar because without that we'd never keep track of who is going where and who is taking which child to which event etc. 

But for planning for my business, paper is much more enjoyable for me. So this year it's going to be a paper planner. My problem is I have yet to find one I actually like. I have come to realize it's less about the structure of the planner, i.e. what types of lines and boxes it provides, and more about the aesthetic quality of it. I'm a writer, designer and knitter. I want my planner to be beautiful, to have images and colors that I find beautiful and personal. So I guess I'm just going to have to make my own. I'm not a graphic artist, so I'm still tumbling around ideas about how I'd like to make this happen. But I know I'm going to come up with something I really want to use everyday and feel excited about working with.

How do you keep track of projects and to dos? Do you plan for a whole year, just a month ahead, or just for today? What does year end planning mean to you? What does it do for you? I'd love to hear your thoughts.