To Hex or not to Hex, that is the question.

I was robbed today. Just two hours ago a woman reached into my purse, I was about ten feet from it, took my wallet and ran out and got into a car and sped off. She actually had a get away driver! I guess that stuff isn't just in the movies. 

I partially blame myself for walking away from the purse (not far mind you) but far enough to give her the opening she needed. Sadly this happened in a friend's shop where I was restocking my herbal product line. I hope she doesn't feel as violated as I do.

In this day and age of identity theft the fear of someone really getting at you is pretty high. I only had about $4 cash in there but all my credit cards, my insurance cards, my driver's license, my library card, etc. were all in there. Since I actually saw it happen I knew WHEN it happened which made quick action pretty easy. After filing a police report I ran down to the bank and they fixed my debit cards and credit cards right then and there. It'll still be two weeks before I get new ones in the mail so I'm going to be the slow poke writing checks at the grocery check out for a while. 

But what I think more about is that she, and her get away driver, have my home address now. Are they the type of criminals who would break into my home? She was ballsy enough to walk into a store and literally grab something from my bag, maybe she is the type. 

My first instinct was to literally run the car down and bang on it with my fists. Obviously I did not do that. What would that accomplish other than potentially getting me run over.

Then I started thinking terrible thoughts about her. Hexing thoughts. I started wishing her ill. 

I've decided that I don't like that feeling. I don't want to have those emotions running around inside me and that kind of energy leaking out of me. I'm still pretty irritated and a little shaken but up to that point I was having a great day and was thinking about how happy I've been and how good everything is. So I'm going to come back to that place. Because this robbery is just a blip. A major inconvenience for me but just a blip. And ultimately, unless she can sell my used lipsticks and hand lotions that were in the cosmetic bag she also grabbed with my wallet, and unless she or someone she partners with is really good at hacking, all she got away with was $4 and a wallet I really liked a lot.