What's a Celt got to do with herbal body products?

The herbal product line for The Merry Spinster is called Airmid Herbals. What or who is Airmid? Well I'm glad you asked!

Airmid is the Celtic Goddess of the Healing Arts. She is revered as a master and rules over magic, healing, learning, Herbalism and the complexities of family relationships. The Goddess Airmid was a member of the Tuatha De Danaan, the most ancient race of deities in Ireland.


As she is the Goddess of Herbal Healing and Magick, Airmid is associated with just about any herb and flower which promotes healing or reduces disease. A sample list of these plants might include: Burdock, Calendula, Yarrow, Chamomile, Mint, Rosehips, Rosemary, Dandelion, Catmint, Eucalyptus, Comfrey, Elder, Cayenne, Raspberry, Ginger Root, Garlic and Aloe Vera.

The most famous legend regarding Airmid is that of the God Nuada. Nuada was the God of Tuatha De Danaan. During his last battle, he lost his arm and was forced to concede his throne as deformed gods were not to rule. Airmid’s father, Dian Cecht forged a silver arm to replace Nuada’s lost one so he could regain his throne. 

Dian Cecht’s son, Airmid’s brother Micah believed that his own skill as a surgeon and Airmid’s skill at regeneration would be a better solution than the silver arm. Together with this chant, they rebuilt Nuada’s arm from flesh:

Bone to bone

Vein to vein

Balm to Balm

Sap to Sap

Skin to skin

Tissue to tissue

Blood to blood

Flesh to flesh

Sinew to sinew

Marrow to marrow

Pith to pith

Fat to fat

Membrane to membrane

Fiber to fiber

Moisture to moisture

When he learned of this, Dian Cecht flew into a jealous rage and attacked Micah over and over again. Eventually Micah could not keep up with healing himself and his father landed a fatal blow to Micah’s head. 

Airmid was devastated. She went to his grave and laid a cairn of stones. She visited his grave every day for a year and then noticed 365 herbs growing there. Each herb was a cure for a specific part of the body. She spread her cloak on the ground and began to gather the herbs on her cloak according to their healing properties. 

Again, Dian Cecht flew into a rage and overturned the cloak, scattering the herbs to the winds and forever losing the knowledge Micah had gifted the world. Airmid is the only one with knowledge of the specific herbs in Micah’s offering. 

So now you can see why her name is a wonderful one to invoke for healing herbal products like my Calendula Balm, healing bath soaks, tinctures and hydrosols. I use the herbal infused oils, tinctures and hydrosols in my lotions, scrubs and coming soon, bath bombs. So each product invokes Airmid's healing energy.

Enjoy and be well!