Daily Pull

Wow. I pulled a card from my Voice of the Trees Oracle deck this morning and it is RIGHT ON TARGET.

Daily Pull Jan 8.jpg

I pulled the Gooseberry Card which indicates comfort and success. However, I pulled it in reverse. Listen to what Mickie Mueller has to say about that meaning:

"You may be moving away from your comfort zone. While you are anticipating success, you may be allowing fear of that success to prevent abundance from coming your way or staying. Don't continue looking for the bogeyman to bring disappointment. You may have to face challenges to gain your success, but none are so difficult to overcome as your own self-doubt". (page 133)

All of this is true. I couldn't have pulled a better card today. Last night I did some work to clear my abundance blocks. I wonder if this is telling me I still have work to do or that I'm making progress? Great message.