First E-Course Launch

Well it's an exciting day here at the homestead. I've just launched my first e-course!

It was going to be a book and it would have cost me a lot to publish it. I decided I'd much rather interact with people through this topic and so an e-course was born.

It's called, The Eternal Thread: Finding the Goddess Through the Art of Fiberwork. Who is this course for?

Are you a knitter, a spinner, a weaver, someone who loves history, archaeology, mythology, Goddess stories? Do you love special projects which stretch your creative muscles and bring you joy? Then this course is for you.

The class starts on February 28th when the Introductory module is loaded into the classroom. There will be a Facebook community just for our participants and even a party at the end. I think you'll come away from this course with loads of new ideas and a deep appreciation of how connected you are to the past through your craft.

Check out the course link to get the module information and see what fun we'll be having. I hope you can join us!

Cover for Eternal thread course.jpg.jpg