Back to School

Well I just dropped the kids off at school. My oldest child does not like school, which breaks my heart. So he was melting down quite a bit this morning poor guy. My youngest child loves school and he was excited to get back.

One of my goals today is to try a new recipe from this book, Paleo Sweets and Treats by Heather Connell

paleo sweets and treats.jpg

I want to have something yummy and healthy for them when they get home. I know my oldest son D is feeling a little deprived. We had curry chicken last night for dinner and he was bummed he couldn't have naan bread with it. It's my job to make this transition easier for him and help him to see it's all good.

Then we'll move on to homework and that's often a two hour ordeal. One of my resolutions this year is to spend the time the kids are in school working solidly on my business and then when they are home at 2:30, I am dedicated to them, instead of running around doing other stuff and only keeping them in the peripheral. 

I think it will help. I think it will help them feel more loved, more important, like they matter more than my "computer work". And it will be good for me too.

Did your kids start back already? If so, how is all that going for you?