Who is Bob? He's the man. Bob is a trouble maker, a joker, a friend, a goof ball and all around good guy. 

Bob was born when Dylan's homework assignment for spelling started requiring him to write a sentence for each of his spelling words each week.

Bob has been invited to parties, played games on the playground, read books, battled dragons, ghost hunted in haunted houses, etc.  Here's some of what he did this week.

1. joking

At home, Bob was joking around when he was supposed to be doing his homework.

2. grinning

Bob and his little brother were grinning in class when they were supposed to be working.

3. smiled

The teacher smiled then gave them detention.

Dylan comes up with all of these sentences and often times they crack me up. 

This was a gratuitous post about my eldest son but I wanted to introduce you to Bob since he's become a fixture around here.