Sowing the Seeds of Love

Or in this case, of fresh spring and summer produce.

I started on my 2014 garden today by sowing a number of seeds for plants that need an early start. I made my garden plan on Seed Savers AWESOME new garden planner. I mean this thing is FUN! 

It gives you a great print out of all your proposed plantings and a timeline on when things should be started indoors, planted out, and harvested. So today I started:









and Zinnias

seed trays one.jpg
seed trays 2.jpg

Yes that is my washer and dryer. My little laundry room is very warm and gets morning sun through that window. I don't have a greenhouse so I have to improvise. Our days have been warm enough for seeds to start outdoors but our nights are still in the 40s. Tomatoes definitely won't germinate in that weather. 

We had plenty of compost left to start these buggers in so other than the cost of seed, (the seed trays I use year after year), this was a low cost project.

In February I have yet more seeds to start but I'll be starting them in the garden beds themselves and protecting them with floating row cover. I think my broccoli will be ready to come out by then, some of it is wanting to flower already. The kids want to plant watermelons in that bed so the timing is good.

Have you already started on your spring/summer garden?