Unfinished Project Create-along

You know you have them, those half knitted socks, the partially needle felted animal, the baby blanket you started, that skirt you've been meaning to finish sewing. 

Us crafters are always full of ideas and good intensions and like rabid readers (of which I'm also guilty) we have more than one project (or book) going at a time. Some of these projects end up beyond the back burner, but somewhere in a plastic tub or on a shelf or, much to my husband's chagrin, on one of our end tables in the living room for months on end. 

So I propose a solution. Let's all work together to finish one! Much like a knit-along, we can work together on the unfinished projects of our choice and over the next 30 days get one done! 

All you need to do is join this Facebrook group, and let us all know what project you are planning to work on and finish. Then we can keep meeting up to post our progress. No guilt here for where you are in the process. No stress, just a lot of support, fun and laughs to keep us motivated so we can once again experience that great feeling of accomplishing a project.

I'm going to dig through my stash of undone's and find what speaks to me and then I'll post my project in it's current state. Hope you can join me!

Pass it on! The more the merrier!