Now it feels like the New Year.

So my wonderful husband spent hours with me this morning taking down the tree and all the decorations and packing everything back up and storing it in the garage and then CLEANING. He's so great.

Now the house, at least the downstairs feels mostly clean and ready for the new year. The kids go back to school on Monday, which they aren't too stoked about, but I'm ready. It's not that I haven't enjoyed being with them or I'm anxious to get them out of the house. It's that I have drafted such a great plan for the year, specifically first quarter and this month in particular, that I can't wait to get started. I've got so much mental energy, and so many lists!

Monday morning my new work schedule starts and I'm really looking forward to it.

This blog will be shortly packing up and moving to a new location, it's time for an actual web site and not just a blog. So stay tuned for those upcoming changes.

Finally, I'm weighing my options on my book. I've sent in a proposal to yet another publisher and we'll see where that goes. I'm going to just keep plugging away on getting it completely written so I have a full fledged manuscript to work with. I've got to figure out how to manage writing a book, processing the tons of wool I have in the garage, spinning, blogging, etc. in the 6 hours I have each weekday while the kids are at school. It's going to take a lot of focus. But I'm SO looking forward to it.