Decisions Decisions

I am at a cross roads. I heard back from the publisher I submitted my book proposal to. They liked it, a lot. And they've offered me a contract. However, it's an author subsidized one. Which means I need to come up with close to $3,000 to have this thing done. The plus side, they have worldwide marketing reach in both e-book and print (amazon plus brick and mortar stores), they will do the cover art, the editing, the layouts for each e-reader set up, all the marketing (I'll get a personal publicist), and manage the sales and I get a great royalty rate.

The downside is coming up with all that cash 30 days from the day I sign the contract, if I decide to sign. I'm investigating other options, like self-publishing but honestly the reach isn't as far and I'd be doing 100% of the work, all the editing as well as finding and paying someone for cover art, and editing. This is not a novel, it's a going to require more of what an academic level book requires and I'm not sure I can do that all on my own for free.

So I'm also considering a crowd sourcing campaign. Maybe I can get enough people interested in what I'm writing to contribute to the contract subsidy.

I also have some other publishers I'm thinking of submitting a proposal to but I need to check all the fine print for everyone because often times there is a non-compete clause.

It feels like a busy and crazy January so far!