Words upon Words

I had some rather exciting news today. A few days ago I submitted a mini book proposal to a publishing company. I'm currently contributing a short chapter on the Goddess Ceres for their upcoming title Naming the Goddess.  I wasn't sure they would have an interest in it, although I think it's a grand idea and will find readers in both the Pagan AND fiber artist communities.

Today I heard back from them that they'd like me to take the next step and submit a more in depth proposal. I'm very much looking forward to this process. It's been a long time since I published anything. All my previous publications are from my life as an archaeologist. So this is different but the same really.

At least the material won't be dry.

So now I'm off to get started and see where this goes. I feel very passionate about this book so if this publisher decides it's not a good fit for them, that's okay. I'll still write the book and pursue publication. I also would like to create a few articles out of the material for various fiber art magazines. We'll see where it goes!