Spring is Sproinging

Yes it's Spring is about to spring time but around here it feels more like a sproing. The pollen is thick and both my youngest son and I have a head cold. This one will definitely make me lose my voice. I can tell already because my throat is raw.

A doctor told me once, with a cold it's either 14 days or two weeks. So you can do things to try to lessen the symptoms but pretty much, it's around that long. So I'm doing what I always do, lots of chamomile and honey tea, homeopathics if I catch it in time, and aspirin when I need it. The chamomile helps with the loss of sleep a little too which is a bonus.

Baseball season has begun for my boys which means a packed week with two games, two practices and two Tae Kwan Do practices. It's a miracle we find time for homework.

And the house really needs a good cleaning. It needs a good cleaning in many ways. First, it needs an actual physical cleaning. Sure we do the usual every weekend, floors, kitchen, bathrooms, dusting etc. But I'm talking spring cleaning here. I'm talking baseboards washed. shelves purged, grout scrubbed, etc. If only I had the energy.

Second, the house needs a good airing out. We have been lucky to have a few days recently where we could open all the windows for a bit without making it too cold in here but the problem with that is an extra layer of pollen settles on things so that not only is the car now green instead of black, but all horizontal surfaces inside are coated as well.

Finally, the house needs a good energetic cleansing. After talking with some friends about this today, I'm thinking I'll mix up some water and salt, clip a bunch of rosemary from the garden and tie it together, then dip the rosemary springs into the salt water and anoint the corners and crevices, just to clear out any yuck energy lurking there.

Now the question is, when am I going to get around to all this?

What do you do for spring cleaning? What do you do around your home to bring in that feeling of renewal and rebirth?