Maybe you have a yard going fallow but with a lot of potential. Maybe you are an apartment dweller but really want some green goodness surrounding you. 

Maybe you have always wanted to grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Maybe you want to go turf free and create a native garden.

Maybe you have nothing but shade and despair ever having a garden.

Maybe you are a fiber artist and want to grow a dyer's garden to make your own plant based dyes.

Whatever your situation, let me help you design your dream garden. It may be small, it may be big, it may be totally WILD. Let's work together to make it happen.

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If you like what you hear in our consultation, I'll send you an invoice for your new garden design priced at $199.

I am not a landscape architect and will not be providing architectural plans or schematics.

Your Dream Garden Package will include:

  • a detailed list of appropriate plants for each area of your garden you want to develop including care of each plant

  • a list of resources for you to purchase plants, seeds, root stock, supplies, etc and other guides to help you in your journey. 

  • two SOS calls where you can ask for help with problems, i.e. what's that bug? why are the leaves turning brown?

All materials will be delivered to you via email as pdf documents. 

Dream Garden Packages are priced at $199.