The Eternal Thread


The Eternal Thread, an e-course tracing the archaeology and history of the fiber arts. When did humans first start spinning, weaving, knitting or crochet? Did you know that nearly every culture has a myth and even a goddess associated with the fiber arts? Join us in this e-course and learn all of this and more. 

Take a trip through time and learn about the origins of your favorite fiber art. We'll look at the archaeology, mythology and evolution of spinning, weaving, and knitting across cultures. 

Craftivist camp with Donna Druchunas

Using craft to agitate for positive change in the world. 


Knitting 101: Skills, Fun, Friends, Tea and Cookies

Knitting has been growing in popularity again and it's a great way to have fun, relax, and make something you can be proud of. Come join my small group class to learn this truly addictive art. What will you learn? Cast on, knit stitch, purl stitch, bind on, and how to read a pattern. You will then apply these skills to make a beautiful scarf that you can take home with you!

Price includes:

  • Tea and cookies

  • Set of size US 8 straight knitting needles

  • Scarf pattern designed by me

  • Your choice of wool or acrylic (for those sensitive to wool) yarn in a variety of colors

  • Basic instructions booklet so you don't forget anything

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