October 2016

New sock design appearing soon in Olann and. 

Do you like Knit Alongs? Beginning in January, after the holiday knit a gift rush, I'll host our first Knit Along. You can even buy a kit for the whole project if you like. 

Have a new baby in your life? Or maybe you are looking to make a gift from someone expecting a little one. You can purchase a kit for the Little Lamb Club at The Unique Sheep. There are three unique designs (one set from yours truly), in three different colorways, baby girl, baby boy or neutral. 

It's not too late to sign up!



The Eternal Thread: a self paced e-course

Beginning October 1st.

The Eternal Thread, an e-course tracing the archaeology and history of the fiber arts. When did humans first start spinning, weaving, knitting or crochet? Did you know that nearly every culture has a myth and even a goddess associated with the fiber arts? Join us in this e-course and learn all of this and more. More on dates soon.

Join us for this enchanting course! Sign up and get student only access to the course, the private Facebook Group and some fun knitting patterns. Learn a lot and be part of a great community of folks with the same love of fiber.



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